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Experiments in blended visual and textual narration. Graphic literature and literature with or even without illustrations.


Jakob F. Dittmar:
Gedichte. Gut abgehangen.
Some poems (almost all in German, one in Dutch: naar huis komen) on media, on places, on ideas, on love or not, and, of course, the weather. (Dodosonett was published first in Frankfurter Bibliothek des zeitgenössischen Gedichts 2015.)
Format: A5, 60 pages, b/w. Price: 10 Euro.
ISBN 978-91-981603-4-5
Published 2016.

Randnotizen eines rostigen Ritters
Texts reflecting on and taking part in Schlaraffia,
the role-playing game (in German, the language of the very same game).
Format: A5, 72 pages, colour. Price: 15 Euro.
ISBN 978-91-981603-3-8
Published 2016.

Jakob F. Dittmar:
Some Poems in English
of which current address and A Poet were published in the Shipwrights Review 2016 first.
Format: approx. A5, 28 pages. Price: 5 Euro.
ISBN 978-91-981603-2-1
Published 2016.

John McCrae: In Flanders Fields / Auf Flanderns Feldern
One poem in two languages, from two directions, illustrated with historic photos and newspaper-clippings.
Format: A5, 20 pages, b/w & colour. Price: 4 Euro.
ISBN 978-91-981603-1-4
Published 2015.

Jakob F. Dittmar: What if...?
A streetmap-comic-essay, printed & delivered as leporello.
Format: approx. 33 x 163 cm, colour. Price: 20 Euro.
ISBN 978-91-981603-0-7
Published 2014. Currently out of print.