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Experiments in blended visual and textual narration. Graphic literature and literature with or even without illustrations.


Jakob F. Dittmar:
Schlaraffia - The Faux Dignitas of Pseudo-Knights.
Reflections on Schlaraffia, the quite ironic MMLARPG that is played in German language.
This book looks into the game and its peculiar set-up to establish what it is that keeps it being played continually for more than 150 years and counting. Text in English.
Format: A5, 40 pages, b/w, no images. Price: 5 Euro.
Link to free download.
ISBN 978-91-981603-5-2
Publicerades 2018.

Jakob F. Dittmar:
Gedichte. Gut abgehangen.
Some poems (almost all in German, one in Dutch: naar huis komen) on media, on places, on ideas,
on love or not, and, of course, the weather. (Dodosonett was published first in Frankfurter Bibliothek des zeitgenössischen Gedichts 2015.) Here are some to read.
Format: A5, 60 pages, b/w. Price: 10 Euro.
ISBN 978-91-981603-4-5
Published 2016.

Randnotizen eines rostigen Ritters
Texts reflecting on and taking part in Schlaraffia,
the role-playing game (in German, the language of the very same game).
Format: A5, 72 pages, colour. Price: 15 Euro.
ISBN 978-91-981603-3-8
Published 2016.

Jakob F. Dittmar:
Some Poems in English
of which current address and A Poet were published in the Shipwrights Review 2016 first.
Here are some to read.
Format: approx. A5, 28 pages. Price: 5 Euro.
ISBN 978-91-981603-2-1
Published 2016.

John McCrae: In Flanders Fields / Auf Flanderns Feldern
One poem in two languages, from two directions, illustrated with historic photos and newspaper-clippings.
Format: A5, 20 pages, b/w & colour. Price: 4 Euro.
ISBN 978-91-981603-1-4
Published 2015.

What if...?

by Jakob F. Dittmar
A streetmap-comic-essay, printed & delivered as leporello.
Format: approx. 33 x 163 cm, colour. Price: 20 Euro.
ISBN 978-91-981603-0-7
Published 2014. Currently out of print.

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About New Smallprint Press

During the 90s, a friend ran his Smallprint Press at Exeter, GB, focussing on experimental comics and graphic storytelling. I take up from there. With New Smallprint Press I aim to publish experiments in blended visual and textual narration, and literature with or even without illustrations. New Smallprint Press currently is publishing my artistic research in the way narration happens in texts, images, and sequences of images and texts.

New Smallprint Press started 2014 in Arlöv and moved 2016 to Trelleborg.
The current address of the Press is as given in the above.